JortJams is currently distributed as an AppImage for Linux. The AppImage has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 28. It should run on any Linux system that has a glibc version greater than or equal to 2.24, which corresponds to the glibc shipped in Debian 9 (which was released in June 2017).

We recommend using Firejail to run the JortJams AppImage; this restricts JortJams’ access to your system and data. JortJams does not contain any intentionally malicious code, but it does access text and media from many Internet hosts, some of which may be hostile and exploit security problems that we do not know about. If you’d like more information, please read about the security plans that will be implemented for the initial release.

To run the JortJams AppImage using Firejail, you can use Firejail in a terminal like so:

$ mkdir -p ~/jortjams
$ firejail --private=~/jortjams --appimage JortJams-x86_64.AppImage

This runs JortJams using a private home directory (i.e. JortJams will not be able to access anything else in your home directory). More sandboxing options can be found in the Firejail documentation.