Download and run JortJams

JortJams is currently available as an AppImage for Linux. We recommend running the AppImage using Firejail; see the download page for instructions.

Choose servers and hashtags

Press the Sources button. You’ll see a window pop up with an Add new source button; press that button to add a source.

Select servers and hashtags you want to follow. (Account following is coming soon.) If you have an account on some server in the fediverse, that’s a good place to start.

The #np, #nowplaying, and #fediplay hashtags are commonly used in the English-speaking fediverse.

A screenshot of the Sources dialog with example text filled in

Once you have filled in the server and tags, press Save.

Begin fetching data

Press the Sync button to start fetching data. Your JortJams window will start to fill with music titles. The most recently posted links will be displayed first. You can start playing songs or queue up songs by right-clicking the playlist or examine links in more detail using the open view button. If you want to adjust the number of identification jobs used (e.g. to speed up identification or reduce system load), you can do that in the Preferences window.

A screenshot of the JortJams main and view windows

Set up custom views

After a while, you might find that you want to set up custom views for your friends or other groups you find interesting. You can do that by pressing the New view button, which will pop up a new window where you can name the view and add accounts to follow.

A screenshot with the mouse cursor pointing to the new view button