Other features on the short list

Support federated media services

JortJams currently focuses on playing media from YouTube and Soundcloud because, these days, that’s where the majority of music links go. However, JortJams should also be able to use the new breed of federated media services like PeerTube and Funkwhale. PeerTube integration is the goal of issue 35; Funkwhale integration will be handled under a different issue.

Windows and macOS testing

An automated Windows build of JortJams exists, but it is not properly packaged and testing is not regularly done on Windows. A macOS build was done at one point, but it hasn’t been done since.

Windows and macOS packages need to be added to the JortJams build system. Once that is done, the packages need to be checked for basic functionality. Conformance to Windows / macOS guidelines may require code changes. If the changes are extensive, Windows or macOS support may be dropped from the initial release.